ICN's Second Decade Project

October 2011 marks the International Competition Network's tenth anniversary. The 2010 annual conference included “Planning for the Second Decade” breakout sessions to solicit feedback from members on the future priorities for the ICN. Based on those discussions, the ICN Steering Group members committed to consulting with all of ICN membership to identify specific strengths and improvements needed to maintain the network's exceptional momentum for its second decade.

We are most grateful for the member input into the Second Decade project, such contributions have helped press the ICN towards fulfilling a central aim that motivated its creation: to be a demand-driven institution that promotes acceptance of superior methods, enables agencies to understand more deeply their common interests and differences, and to realize, through collective action, results that elude individual initiative.

Update on Second Decade Project

May 2011

The ICN's Vision For Its Second Decade

October 2010

Summary documents of feedback to date:

- the Chair's note for the Steering Group conference call held in September, which summarises the feedback from members and includes some suggestions on the persons responsible for taking the various feedback forward;

- a diagram showing the strengths and benefits of the ICN most frequently cited by members;

- the minutes of the NGA Second Decade call held on 3 September; and

- a summary of responses to the NGA Second Decade survey conducted in August.


 Questions for Second Decade Exercise

  1. What benefits have you gained from your involvement with ICN?
    • Can you provide any specific examples of how you have used ICN work product in the past? What are the best examples/good stories?
    • Can you provide specific examples of benefits realized as a result of active participation in ICN (working groups, workshops, annual conference, teleseminars) or relationships formed through the ICN network? What are the best examples/good stories?
  2. What do you want to get out of ICN in the future?
    • What do you want the ICN to have achieved in 10 years from now? Is our vision right? Do you think you can tell a good story for your domestic consumers and government about the benefits? What might that story be?
    • Is ICN's agenda focused on what you need, or do you believe it is more reflective of the needs of other agencies (e.g., younger or mature agencies)?
    • If you think your agency could make better use of existing work product, what more could be done?
    • What use do you make of ICN materials? If you do not use the materials, is there one or more significant impediments (level of materials, language, other)? Have you consulted the ICN's best practices? What barriers exist to implementation?
  3. Are the current structures and institutions of ICN fit for purpose?
    • Have you been given adequate opportunity to contribute to ICN's work? Are there barriers to participation that we can remove? For example are there barriers which prevent you from actively participating in:specific working groups of the ICN, workshops, annual conferences, teleseminars? Can we be more transparent? 
    • We spend a lot of public money coming to these conferences, workshops, participating in calls, etc. Are these value for money? Could we work more efficiently?
    • Can we work more effectively with complementary international organisations like UNCTAD, World Bank, OECD? How?