Cartel Awareness & Outreach

It is good practice for agencies to engage in education and outreach programmes to raise awareness about anti-cartel laws and the harmful effects of cartels, to educate people about the operation of the law and the typical signs of cartel conduct, and to generate leads about cartel activity which may be a source for the initiation of a formal investigation.

- Cartel Case Initiation Chapter, ICN Anti-Cartel Enforcement Manual

To promote cartel awareness, the Cartel Working Group has collected examples of public messages and materials used by competition agencies in their own cartel-related outreach efforts. The purpose of this collection is to share member experiences and ideas in raising awareness of the prevention, reporting and prosecution of anti-cartel conduct.

Thanks to the interest, enthusiasm, and participation of ICN member agencies, this compilation is the world's largest collection of cartel awareness and outreach materials.

This compilation is a work in progress. If your agency would like to contribute to the project, please email us.

Discussion Series Presentations

2010 Cartel Workshop & annual conference materials on cartel awareness

Links to categories of cartel awareness materials:

Materials that explain cartels and cartel enforcement policies

Materials promoting leniency programs

Materials related to public procurement

Materials aimed at businesses, SMEs, and compliance programs

Videos and other media