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ICN Recommended Practices for Merger Notification and Review Procedures (revised in 2018)

ICN Recommended Practices for Merger Analysis (revised in 2017)

2016 Merger Remedies Guide


2015 ICN Practical Guide to International Enforcement Cooperation in Mergers

Presentation: How does your merger review regime conform to the ICN’s Recommended Practices? A discussion of self-assessment tools

À la découverte du Groupe de travail de l'ICN sur les Concentrations; ICN MWG télé-séminaire de bienvenu (French language)

Want to learn more about the Merger Working Group, see the presentation used for the MWG's Welcoming Teleseminar, November 2013, entitled:

Discovering the ICN’s Merger Working Group: a global network of merger review regimes


Practicas Recomendadas por la RICE para el análisis de concentraciones económicas

Descubriendo al Grupo de Trabajo de Concentraciones de la RICE
ICN MWG Tele seminario de Bienvenida (Spanish language)

Mission of the Merger Working Group (MWG)

The mission of the ICN Merger Working Group is to promote the adoption of best practices in the design and operation of merger review regimes in order to: (i) enhance the effectiveness of each jurisdiction's merger review mechanisms; (ii) facilitate procedural and substantive convergence; and (iii) reduce the public and private time and cost of multijurisdictional merger reviews.

Current Work

The main current activities of the Merger WG are:

  1. Project on revising the Merger WG's Recommened Practices
  2. Focus on effective investigative techniques for merger review
  3. Work to promote familiarity, use, and implementation of the Merger WG's work product

For more details about the work of the Merger WG please see the current and long term work plans.

Contact Information of Co-Chairs of Working Group

The Merger Working Group is co-chaired by the Canadian Competition Bureau, the US Federal Trade Commission, and the Autorité de la Concurrence (France). For more information about the Merger WG, please contact:

Canadian Competition Bureau

Mr. Bradley Callaghan

Senior Competition Law Officer

Canadian Competition Bureau

Autorité de la Concurrence (France)

Ms. Sophie-Anne Descoubès               Ms. Marianne Faessel

Adviser for International Affairs             Adviser for International Affairs

Autorité de la Concurrence (France)     Autorité de la Concurrence (France)


US Federal Trade Commission


Paul O'Brien

Counsel for International Antitrust