2010 Workshop

December 2010 Unilateral Conduct WG Workshop


The UCWG held a Unilateral Conduct Workshop on December 2-3, 2010  in Brussels, Belgium, hosted by DG Competition of the European Commission.  Over 150 delegates from 55 jurisdictions attended the workshop.

Workshop Agenda  


To view a webcast ot the plenary sessions, click here for day 1 and here for day 2 of the workshop. 

Hypothetical Case Studies

Click on the following links for the loyalty discount and margin squeeze hypothetical case studies used in the workshop breakout sessions.

Click here to request a copy of the data sheet accompanying the loyalty discount hypothetical.

 November 22 Webinar - Presentation of the Hypothetical Case Studies

Click here for the Loyatly Discount slide deck

Click here for the Margin Squeeze slide deck

 Breakout Session Guides

We encourage members to replicate the breakout sessions for in-house training of staff.  Below are the guides for each of the breakout sessions.

Day 1 - Breakout sessions on Planning the Investigation and Analyzing Competitive Effects for the Loyalty Discount Hypothetical and the Margin Squeeze Hypothetical.

Day 2 - Breakout sessions on Remedies and Implementation & The Road Ahead.