2012 Workshop

2012 Unilateral Conduct WG Workshop

CCS Hosted 2012 ICN Workshop on Unilateral Conduct in Singapore, on 24-25 July 2012


The ICN Unilateral Conduct Working Group held a regional workshop in Singapore designed to promote greater understanding of the ICN’s Recommended Practices on the analysis of dominance/substantial market power and the group’s work on exclusive dealing.  Using a hypothetical case scenario, roundtable discussions, and small group breakout sessions, the workshop will encourage active participation and the exchange of ideas and practical experience among delegates. 

Participation in this workshop was open to representatives of ICN member agencies in the region and Non-Governmental Advisors (NGAs) nominated by participating ICN member agencies.   

For more information on the event, please contact Yvette Yoong at Yvette_yoong@ccs.gov.sg or Fransin Yang at fransin_yang@ccs.gov.sg.



Workshop Agenda


Hypothetical Case Study

Hypothetical Case Study vs. Sistic Case

Hypothetical Case Study: Exclusive Dealing


Analyzing Competitive Effects

Assessment of Dominance

Customer Foreclosure: an Economic Approach

Factors considered in regulating Unilateral Conduct - A Japan's Experience

ICN Recommended Practices on Assessing Dominance/Substantial Market Power

ICN UC Workbook Chapter on Dominance/Substantial Market Power Assessment

ICN UCWG Report on Exclusive Dealing/Single Branding

Remedies in Exclusive Dealing Cases

Remedies in Turkcell case

The Analytical Framework

Weighing foreclosure against pro-competitive effects and effiicencies