2013 Workshop

2013 Unilateral Conduct WG Workshop

The Swedish Competition Authority hosted the 2013 ICN Workshop on Unilateral Conduct in Stockholm on 17-18 September 2013.

The workshop was designed to promote greater understanding of the group’s work on exclusive dealing and the analysis of dominance/substantial market power. Using a hypothetical case scenario, roundtable discussions, and small group breakout sessions, the workshop encouraged active participation and the exchange of ideas and practical experience among delegates.




Hypothetical case study

Hypothetical case study summary



Exclusive Dealing Framework for Assessment

Exclusive Dealing and Customer Foreclosure

Exclusive Dealing – An Economic Framework

Pro-competitive Efficiencies of Exclusive Dealing



Unilateral Conduct Working Group work products

Recommended Practices on Dominance

Dominance workbook chapter

Exclusive Dealing workbook chapter